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What You Need to Know About Criminal Citations


What You Need to Know About Criminal Citations

Some people who get into trouble with the law end up with a criminal citation rather than being arrested immediately. What does this mean, and how should you proceed if you get a criminal citation in Tennessee? Consider these answers and then set up a consultation with criminal defense attorney Bernie McEvoy, a lawyer who can help.

What It Means to Get a Criminal Citation

In some areas, police can issue a criminal citation to someone who has committed a crime but won’t be arrested at that point. Generally, this only happens when the person in question has committed a nonviolent crime that does not usually result in a long time in jail. In addition, the person can’t have any warrants for their arrest and must be carrying valid identification. A criminal citation allows you to appear for booking on the same day as your court date, and if you don’t show up to court on the appointed date, you could be arrested.

Possible Punishments for a Criminal Citation

When you get a criminal citation in Tennessee, you’ll face a variety of consequences, depending on the crime. If you’re convicted with a misdemeanor, for example, you could get up to a $2,500 fine, a year in jail or even both. Technically, you can also be charged with a felony and get a criminal citation rather than be arrested right away, though this is rare. If this occurs, you could face several years in prison upon conviction. Many people who get a criminal citation in Tennessee face charges that may include simple drug possession, leaving the scene of an accident, prostitution, shoplifting or public intoxication.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you have been charged with a criminal citation in Tennessee, you should speak with an experienced attorney right away. In fact, it’s important to get an attorney before your court date so you have the representation you need, especially if you plan to contest the charges. Working with a lawyer may help you reduce your fine, get less time in jail or avoid a conviction altogether.

If you’re facing a criminal citation in Tennessee, contact the Law Office of Bernie McEvoy today to set up your free consultation so you can learn about your legal options.

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