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Lawyer Bernie McEvoy

Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are reading this, it is likely that you or someone close to you has been arrested and charged with a crime in Davidson County. This can be a confusing and frightening situation. Specializing in Nashville criminal defense, my law firm has been practicing for more than 25 years. I know that the criminal justice system is flawed. It produces unjust results. Innocent people are convicted of serious offenses. Guilty people escape punishment. For this reason, you need an experienced criminal attorney to stand between you and the prosecutors seeking to convict you. You need a hard-working and dedicated criminal defense lawyer with a history of successful cases to provide DUI arrest representation, domestic violence advice, and other criminal law services.

There are many criminal defense attorneys in Nashville. Why should you hire me?

Criminal Attorney Experience

I am a former prosecutor. I was an assistant district attorney for 15 years. I handled serious and complex criminal cases: child physical abuse cases, child sexual abuse cases and child homicide cases. For the last 10 years, I have been on the other side, representing clients charged with serious offenses. I have tried more than 200 cases in front of juries.

Client Commitment

Representing a client effectively is hard work. It requires spending time with the client, visiting the scene, talking to witnesses, researching legal issues and thinking creatively about the best defense. To be effective, a Nashville criminal defense attorney must know more about the facts of the case and more about the client than the prosecutor.


I want my clients to understand everything about their cases. This means that I am available to talk with clients and answer their questions. I don't believe that a criminal defense attorney should be available only Monday through Friday. For that reason, I provide clients with my cell phone number so that they may call me after hours and on weekends.

I take pride in the criminal law work I do. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than helping a client accused of a crime in Nashville obtain the best possible resolution for his case.

Criminal Attorney Bernie McEvoy proudly serves Nashville communities through professional legal counsel and advice as one of the top DUI attorneys, domestic violence attorneys, sexual assault lawyers and for other criminal defense matters.

Client Reviews
“Bernie McEvoy was very focused on learning all the facts of the case I brought to him. He represented me with the highest of professionalism. He is a great listener who knows how to formulate a plan of action and seek the best possible solution.”
“From the moment I met Mr. McEvoy, he welcomed me as a client and provided excellent representation. He has compassion for each person and works diligently to provided the best possible results.” Lawrence E.
“We hired Bernie for a criminal defense case. Overall we were pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Mr. McEvoy. He is very pleasant to work with and works “for” you, not the system. Thanks Bernie!” Taffney H.
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