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Slip and Fall Injuries on Private Property in Tennessee


Slip and Fall Injuries on Private Property in Tennessee

Slips and falls injuries are common premises liability cases and the leading cause of most hospital visits in the United States. You can be held liable even if a slip and fall takes place on your private property. That’s why it’s important to understand your responsibilities and the rights of those injured in a slip and fall accident on your private property. Here’s what you should know:

Property Owner Responsibilities

Property owners have several responsibilities when it comes to preventing slip and fall injuries, including inspecting the premises, fixing unsafe areas, and providing a warning. If you caused the injury or knew about the problem but did nothing about it, you could be held liable. Be aware of risk factors, and take precautions to avoid them. Flooring material and floor condition are responsible for more than 2 million fall injuries every year. Therefore, it is important to ensure you aren’t being negligent and overlooking the safety of your floors. Check common locations, such as doorways and cluttered hallways, and correct any issues.

Rights in Slip and Fall Injuries

Even with taking proactive steps to prevent slip and fall injuries, they can still happen. In the event of a slip and fall injury, it’s important to understand what rights a person has on another person’s private property. Slip and fall injuries fall under the personal tort code in the state of Tennessee. According to Tennessee Code Annotated section 28-3-104, individuals who make claims to slip and fall injuries have up to one year from the date the accident occurred to file the case. Anyone that takes legal action and files a claim for a personal injury on your property after this date has passed will not be able to proceed with any legal action. The court system will bar the legal action due to surpassing the statute of limitation for personal injuries.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your responsibilities as a property owner when it comes to slip and fall injuries is important to prevent liability. If you’re facing litigation or want to be proactive to reducing liability due to slip and fall injuries on your property in Tennessee, you don’t have to face it on your own. Seek counsel and advice from experts with experience in slip and fall injuries on private property in Tennessee. The Law Office of Bernie McEvoy has over 25 years practicing law. Our law office is ready to answer calls any time of the day. Get started with a consultation by contacting The Law Office of Bernie McEvoy Criminal Law today.

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