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Ignition Interlock Devices

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In Tennessee, installation of an ignition interlock device may provide an opportunity to continue driving after a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI). Many people subject to ignition interlock device requirements are unfamiliar with the obligations and associated costs of the program. If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Davidson or Williamson County, Nashville DUI lawyer Bernie McEvoy can explain the use of ignition interlock devices and other potential consequences of a DUI conviction in your case. If you have an existing ignition interlock device on your vehicle, Mr. McEvoy can also navigate you through the process for removal, alleged violations, and any other issues.

DUI Ignition Interlock Devices in Tennessee

An ignition interlock device is a handheld breathalyzer directly connected to the ignition system of your car. Once the ignition interlock device is installed, the engine will not start unless you provide a breath sample that registers an alcohol content below .02 percent. The device will also require additional breath samples for random retests while the engine is running. In Tennessee, all ignition interlock devices must include a camera to take a photograph of the person providing the breath sample and ensure compliance with the rules.

Ignition interlock devices are programed to record certain violations of the program rules. In Tennessee, the devices record violations such as providing a breath sample that registers alcohol content at or above .02, failing to provide a breath sample for a retest, and tampering with the device, among others. In some situations, a violation may result in additional time that you are subject to the ignition interlock requirement. It is possible, however, for an ignition interlock device to register a false positive result. If you have received a notice of an alleged violation, you may discuss your legal options and the potential consequences with a DUI defense lawyer.

Ignition Interlock Devices and Restricted Licenses

With few exceptions, the installation of an ignition interlock device is required to obtain a restricted driver’s license following a DUI suspension in Tennessee. A restricted license allows you to continue driving during a DUI license revocation period, but may be subject to certain conditions such as the mandatory ignition interlock device installation. The ignition interlock requirement applies for the duration of the license revocation period. For a first-time DUI, this means that the ignition interlock device must remain on your vehicle during the entire one-year revocation period in order to drive with a restricted license. For a second DUI conviction, the ignition interlock requirement applies during the two-year revocation period, and subsequent DUI convictions will result in a longer license revocation period. In some DUI cases, the court may order mandatory ignition interlock device installation after the reinstatement of driving privileges.

Ignition Interlock Device Costs

For many people, maintaining an ignition interlock device on their vehicle is financially burdensome. Unless the judge finds that you qualify for indigent funding assistance, you will be responsible for the full cost of the program. The costs associated with an ignition interlock device include the initial installation fee, monthly payments for leasing, monitoring, and maintaining the device, and the cost of removing the device. In addition to financial considerations, it is important to understand that the ignition interlock device must be serviced monthly. This obligation requires you to bring your vehicle into a service center once a month, or face the possibility of an extended ignition interlock requirement.

Talk to a DUI Lawyer About Ignition Interlock Devices in Nashville

Defeating a DUI charge is the best way to prevent mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. Nashville attorney Bernie McEvoy is committed to helping his clients fight to avoid conviction in DUI cases and other criminal proceedings. He can represent defendants throughout Davidson and Williamson Counties, including Nashville and Franklin. Request a free consultation regarding a DUI or drug charge by calling (615) 255-9595 during the day or (615) 804-8779 on evenings and weekends, or submitting our contact form online.

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