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Tennessee takes a hardline stance on drug crimes and has enacted relatively harsh penalties for people who are convicted. Fortunately, if you have been arrested on a charge of drug trafficking or any other offense, you have the option to enlist the services of a qualified defense attorney. Nashville drug crime lawyer Bernie McEvoy has advocated for people throughout Davidson and Williamson Counties, providing them with attentive and tireless representation. He can respond honestly to your concerns and advocate for your rights.

Tennessee Drug Possession Laws

Drug crimes refer to offenses that prohibit certain activities involving controlled substances. Controlled substances are defined by federal and state laws, and they include pharmaceutical drugs as well as drugs that serve no medical purpose. They are classified by schedule from I through VII, generally decreasing in risk of dependency and thus gravity of offense. Some of the more common controlled substances are marijuana, heroin, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, cocaine, methamphetamine, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, and OxyContin.

Simple possession of a controlled substance is a criminal offense charged for illegally having drugs under your control, such as in your car, on your person, or in your home, without a valid prescription. Simple possession or casual exchange is a misdemeanor as a first-time offense in most cases, but it carries penalties of up to one year in jail, a fine, community service, and court-mandated rehab. Other drug-related misdemeanors include possession of drug paraphernalia, the sale or distribution of a counterfeit controlled substance, the sale of synthetic urine, or the possession of a substance designed to falsify the results of a drug test. Despite the misdemeanor classification, these offenses can cause a significant disruption to your life and should be discussed in detail with a drug crime attorney in the Nashville area.

Drug Dealing, Trafficking, and Manufacturing

It is a felony for a person to knowingly manufacture, deliver, or sell a controlled substance in Tennessee. The amount required to commit these offenses depends on the schedule on which the drug appears, and in many instances, there are no minimum quantities. However, penalties increase as the amount of drugs increases, and they can be enhanced depending on a number of factors, such as prior history or the involvement of minors. In addition to prison time and a large fine, the consequences of a felony conviction include being unable to own a firearm, vote, or qualify for some employment opportunities.

Possessing a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, deliver, or sell it is also a felony offense. Possession with intent can be charged if you are found with more than a certain amount of a controlled substance, as specified by law, or with other evidence demonstrating that the drug is not for personal use. This can include items such as scales, individually bagged quantities, and a significant amount of cash. A Nashville drug crime attorney can advise you on whether you are likely to be charged with simple possession or with possession with intent to sell.

Criminal offenses related to drug trafficking, interstate transport, and conspiracy generally fall under federal law. Drug trafficking refers to the selling, transportation, and distribution of controlled substances in larger amounts, as specified by law. If the drugs are transported between states, internationally imported, distributed on federal property, or mailed via the U.S. Postal Service, the federal government may become involved. Defendants may also be subject to Tennessee laws governing the delivery and sale of controlled substances.

Some potential defenses for a drug-related charge are based on an unlawful stop or search, or other police misconduct. A diligent defense attorney can examine the facts of your arrest for evidence of police misconduct and other evidence in support of your defense. In some cases, your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution in an effort to reduce the charges against you, or to obtain a fair plea deal when possible and appropriate.

Contact a Drug Crime Lawyer Serving Nashville and Surrounding Areas

Bernie McEvoy is a skilled criminal lawyer with more than 25 years of experience, including his background as a former prosecutor. He understands the complexities of high-stakes cases and is prepared to defend a criminal or DUI charge. Attorney McEvoy can assist people throughout Davidson and Williamson Counties, including in Nashville and Franklin. To request a free consultation, call (615) 255-9595 during business hours or (615) 804-8779 in the evening, or contact us online.

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